Sunday, August 28, 2011

Proof of Murder

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agely-Robert Burns, To A Mouse

Okay so things didn't go as I planned, but hey life goes on. I know you're all anxiously awaiting this week's winner and I hate to prolong the suspense, but I'll post the name a little later. The upcoming guests will be Laura Browning and Vonnie Davis, both are must read authors. I'm also excited about the upcoming blog tour with several other erotic authors. Some of you may have seen the Back-to-Smut graphic about halfway down the page. Yep. Yours truly will be hanging out with a lot of other great writers and giving away prizes. You'll get more deets later in the week.
So after much searching I came up with a short, short story. I've posted the first installment here, and I think I'll post the rest later this week. Don't forget to leave a comment. And always, indulge your inner romantic.

Proof of Murder
W. Lynn Chantale

Allyson Marshall tossed her ebony hair from her face and followed the rancor-filled voice down the long, linoleum hallway.  She shivered as distorted images flashed through her mind, much like an old TV on the fritz.  She breathed deep when another voice, deep and sensuous reprimanded the first.
Her hands shook as sin and smoke enveloped her heart, her vision momentarily blurring.  She exhaled. Not today.  She needed to help Will.  Smoothing a shaky hand down the front of her charcoal pinstripe skirt, she clutched the files in the other a little tighter.  The voices, became clearer as she neared the open door.
The staccato rap of her heels came to an abrupt halt and she knocked on the door.  She didn’t need to check the name. She had arrived. Now she waited to be invited in.  She wiped her sweaty palm on her skirt, peeled her fingers from the file and then repeated the motions, her plain platinum band glinting in the florescent light.
“Come in!” sin and smoke invited.
She curved her lips into a genial smile and entered the room.  “Ms. Banks, said you requested my presence, Mr. James?”
She remained standing, her gaze resting briefly on each man in turn.  The man to her right seemed older, maybe ten or fifteen years, than her twenty-eight.  His steel gray eyes, while intelligent swam with lust, greed and vileness.  She stifled a shudder of revulsion and held the file out to the man seated behind the desk.  His hot chocolate eyes held avid interest and amusement as well as a shade of concern. She stared out the window behind Will James.
“I did Allyson.  Please, have a seat,” Will waved a hand toward a vacant chair. Unfortunately it sat next to the older man.
She slid her gaze from the chair back to Will.  “Thank you, but I prefer to stand.”
Rough fingers scraped her calf. Allyson gasped when her vision clouded and swam.  A bloated, watery face flashed before her eyes.  Chlorine assailed her nostrils. Water filled her mouth and nose.  Darkness closed around her. Pinpricks of light exploded behind her eyelids. Pressure constricted her chest forcing the remaining oxygen from her lungs.  Cool air skittered across her face.
“You’re okay now,” he whispered.  “You hear me?  You’re safe.”
Allyson drew in greedy gulps of air.  She clutched the front of his jacket, inhaling his crisp clean scent.  “He killed her Will.  He held her under...”
“Shhh...” Will cradled her face, brushing her tears away with his thumbs.  “Open your eyes, honey.  I need to know you’re with me.”
Her eyes fluttered open and Allyson stared into Will’s handsome face.  She inhaled a shaky breath.  Pressing her palms to the backs of his hands, she lifted her head and glanced around. They stood just outside his office.  She nodded.
Will caressed her cheek before tunneling his fingers through her hair, resting his palm on the back of her head.  He lowered his head, caressing her lips with his.  She linked her hands behind his head, her vision momentarily forgotten.  Will rested his hands on the curve of her hips and with a sigh stepped away.
She gazed up at him.  “You should have warned me.”
He smiled, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.  “You know I couldn’t do that. Any information would have compromised your objectivity.”
She glanced at the door.  “Does he know?”
“When you stopped talking, I hurried you out.”  His eyes drifted over her face.  “Did you see anything I can use?”
“Jus-just give me a second.”  She walked away, pressing her fingertips to her eyes.  What had she seen?  She slowly inhaled, exhaling through the vision.  She squinted. Something flashed...something...She turned on her heel, pointing towards her throat, making a half-circular motion.  “A chain of some sort. H-he lost it.  She grabbed it in the struggle.”
Will tilted his head.  “Can you find it?”
Allyson nodded.
He put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a business card.  “That’s the address.  Call me the minute you find anything.”
When she turned to leave, Will grasped her hand.  He tangled their fingers, their wedding bands glittering in the glaring light.  She stroked his cheek.  “I’ll be careful.”
“Yeah, do that.”

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Kiru Taye said...

Oooh. I like this very much. Would definitely come back to read more. Good stuff.

I like that it's a husband and wife team in a romantic suspense.