Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

First order of business this week, is to announce the weekly winner. Congratulations Ebony Dreams! You are my lucky winner this week! As always, thank you everyone who stopped by and visited last week’s guests bloggers. Don’t forget to say hi when you stop by to visit with this week’s guests. Calisa Rhose and Jill James will be spending a little time with me.
 This has been somewhat of a stressful week for me. Personal life has decided to go a little wonky. Kids are fine, but the in-laws are having issues and that translated into stress for the hubby and then me. Which in turn leaked into my writing. Yep. It’s difficult to write when someone is pacing back and forth, or hovering over your shoulder. Thankfully I got through the second round of edits. They were cool. I think my new editor is great. She pointed a few things out to me that were missed early on and so made the story stronger. I’m so excited.
So here I sit on a Sunday morning, taking the day off. No hubby. No kids. The house is quiet except for a re-run of John Doe playing in the background. Oh and let’s not forget the crickets, cicadas, and intermittent traffic.
As I close this particular post I’m thankful for the solitude. I can clear my head, reset my circuits and get back to the business at hand. Living and writing. School starts soon. I can’t wait. Until next time, indulge your inner romantic.


Sarah :) said...

You can get through it, just keep your head up high :)

wlynnchantale said...

Ahh, you're so sweet. Seeing your comment made my day. Thank you.