Saturday, September 10, 2011

CBLS-A Weekend Quickie

Well here we are again. There has been a steady drizzle of rain the last few days. The kids are in school and the house is quiet during the day. I didn’t realize how much I missed the peace until they leave in the mornings. A bit of news over the Labor Day weekend I sold another story. A short sensual erotic titled Mistletoe Mambo to Still Moments Press. The story will be in their Christmas Anthology. I’m pretty excited about the sale. In the meantime I’m working on edits for another short story Decadent Seconds, this one is with Whispers. Oh and the cover for Seducing His Wife is over at You Gotta Read Reviews for their monthly cover contest. I would love your votes when the polls open September 21.
So in the meantime here’s a little story to get your through the weekend.
Although I woke alone I knew I was loved. 

The rose on my pillow let me know you were thinking of me. And my thoughts were never far from you. 

        So anxiously I awaited your return. I so enjoy the slid of your skin against mine,

 the warmth of your breath as your lips graze my ear,

and the heat of your body against mine.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Maybe we can spend the day in bed?


DIDIWIN? said...

I would love to read more. Sounds like a good start to a great read. I'll definitely check out the cover to Seducing His Wife on You Gotta Read Reviews. Congrats on your new sale.

DIDIWIN? said...

My name is Sabrina Bennett and email address is