Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Bewitching Blog Hop
Today's the day. My Chef and bartender have been working overtime this weekend with all the food and drink preparations. Have you tried the Witches' Brew. Soooo Good. And Chef's pumpkin roll? To Die for.

I would like to thank Drea for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this amazing blog hop. I went to many of the sites on hop only to find those authors had not participated. Shame on them! Call me neurotic, but if I sign up for something I do my best to keep my obligations. I understand that life happens, I have one of my own and have been extremely busy with my book blog tour, edits, Halloween hops, and sick family members. Okay, enough of that.

I was searching the 'Net for pics the other day and came across two particular ones that shall we say sent shivers tiptoeing down my spine. Here's the first.

Remember Poltergeist and the Preacher. That guy still creeps me out. AND we had a landlord who favored him. Yeah creepy.

Here's the Second photo. 

I don't know about you, but if I saw a huge dark shadow standing in my living room, I'd freak a little bit, or start throwing blessed oil.

From the age of twelve I've been fascinated with what's really out there. My grandmother's house was haunted by the ghost of a little girl, I can't remember her name, but she would play tricks on me and my cousins. Things like turning off the lights or flipping over mattresses. Nothing to hurt anyone.
One of the most frightening experiences I had was waking up to find a dark one horned shadow standing beside my bed. Since that time I know there are things I will never understand and respect the supernatural.
Even today I still see people, shadows, spirits passing through.

So on this last day of the Bewitching Halloween Blog Hop, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope I've entertained you and made a fan or two along the way. No special question today.

Just leave a comment. Thank you again for hopping by. Have a safe and fun Halloween. And one more thing. Just a little something to keep you going while you Trick or Treat.

Indulge Your Inner Romantic,
W. Lynn Chantale


Kayelle Allen said...

Glad I came over. Your hotties are the bomb! =^_^= happy Halloween, my friend!

wlynnchantale said...

Thanks. I rather like them too.

DahliaDeWinters said...

The preacher was always scary to me - in fact the entire Poltergeist (original) movie creeped me out! Glad to have found your blog!


geschumann said...

Creepy pics & one yummy pic. Thanks! Gloria
geschumann at live dot com

cheralyn said...

Great pics, Happy Halloween!cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Kathryn Merkel said...

I must have had my eyes covered during the part of Poltergeist when the Preacher showed up or I blocked it out. Happy Halloween & thanks for that bit of eye candy there at the end.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

shadow_kohler said...

Happy Halloween! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

SoFloMia said...

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this great contest. I hope you had a fun Halloween.

miamac10 at bellsouth dot net

jessica said...

I hope that you had a Happy Halloween! Thanks for the eye candy!
jessangil at gmail dot com
-Jessica B