Monday, October 3, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Breaking Delia's Rules will be here on Friday, October 7 from Breathless Press. I'm so excited. When I'm excited I like to giveaway stuff. So keep an eye out, here at my blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I'm putting together a Release Day Contest and since I'm fighting a cold my mental faculties are not as sharp as before. (Not that they ever were) :-)

Wait have you peeped out the cover for Breaking Delia's Rules. Talk about eye candy. I want to see him when he's shiny and wet. hmm I've some oil right here.

So since this contest is going to run until Saturday, I should be coherent by then, let's begin. Today's task is to help me feel better. (selfish right? but you get a chance to win free stuff) What are some of your favorites remedies to ease the sniffles and aches?

Chance to win a $15 GC, a copy of my new release, and a mug filled with goodies. So make sure you leave a comment on the posts this week. I'll have first-time Harlequin author  Judy Lynn Hubbard here tomorrow, on Friday Wilder Roses Rachel Leigh, and Senior Editor for Still Moments Publishing will be here on Saturday.

Quick recap, drool over cover, help me feel better, leave a comment on the posts this week and I'll announce the winner on Sunday. Easy-peasy. Until then indulge your inner romantic.


marybelle said...

Try some rum, honey & lemon juice. If nothing else, well, it's rum.


wlynnchantale said...

Hi Maarybelle. YOu're right, if nothing else I"ve got rum. :-) Thanks. I'll let you know how I feel.