Friday, November 18, 2011

Need Some Embue?

Has your reading adventure been a bit tepid as of late?
Need something to take it up a few notches?
Allow “The Steamy One” to elevate your temperature…
Nu Cherte Publishing and SK MINI’S are proud to present the newest facet of the family…
Embue is French for the word “Steamy.” This particular moniker will embrace the sensuality of literary world, using characters from all walks of life. No one is off limits. 
The presence of Embue is to stimulate the senses and enhance the reading journey. In the midst of the journey, the goals are to bring forth relevant personalities we can relate to in today’s world and how we embrace our sexuality in and out of the bedroom. 
None of us are perfect but in Embue’s world, she will strive to highlight that piece of freedom we all long to display.
Embue will make her debut in the SK MINI’S anthology, Undressed, Inc. which is centered within a private detective agency. The release is slated for September 2011 under the SK MINI’S imprint.
To learn more about “The Steamy One”, visit: 

1 comment:

wlynnchantale said...

Welcome and help yourself to the buffet. Tyrell can mix a drink and indulge to your heart's content.

I have definitely been tempted by "The Steamy One" and can't wait to read Undressed, Inc.