Monday, December 19, 2011

And the winners...

Congratulations to BookAttict, Stacey and Gena.

A special thank to EVERYONE who participated, stopped by, left comments, LIKED and followed me on Twitter, my blog. You are so amazing and made this blog hop a ton of fun.

If you'd like to keep hopping The Romance Studios is hosting a Christmas Party and they're giving away a NOOK to a lucky commenter, plus the authors are giving away prizes. I'm hanging out over there too.

So if you have time, come find some new authors or visit with some of your favorites, and if you're inclined vote in the favorite author poll. (vote for me, plz) The winning author gets a free ad package.

And because it's Monday and I dream about pretty shoes.

Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who made the blog hop possible!!! All of the authors--we really appreciate all of you. Thank yoy W. Lynn for making us laugh with the lamest pick up lines :0) I haven't had to think of any in years. Merry Christmas everyone <3