Friday, December 30, 2011

Food for Thought

A while ago I posted about my eye sight. I've lived with RP for so long that many things don't bother me anymore. However I've noticed some things lately. My eye sight is getting worse and it leaves me a little depressed. One of my Christmas gifts was Saints Row the Third. I've been waiting to buy this game since it was released a few months ago. Let me tell you it is worth every penny and more.
Are you surprised I play video games? Or that I like the shoot 'em bang bang kind? I also like action flicks too, but I digress. So I'm playing this game. The graphics are AMAZING it seems to stay daylight all the time and even with the brightness turned all the way up I'm still having trouble with completing the activities and missions. The kids can sail through these things no problem, but it has me bummed. A couple of years ago I could do a lot of things on the game myself, now...

Well enough of that. Since beginning my writing career again I set a goal of 4 books published and/or contracted by the end of the year. I'm pleased and extremely blessed to say that goal was exceeded and I have signed seven contracts this year. So I need to get cracking and set a new goal for 2012. I would like to begin my series of inspirational novels. Yeah, that prayers was answered my second year at NaNo. So I'm working on toning down the preachiness of the story. At least that's what my brother Jay said, other than that he liked it. And since I wrote a second inspy I'm going to tie the second into the first which will be easy to do since the bass player in the second story is in the first. Okay I'm rambling.

So I have a few things planned for the new year, the New Year's Party at Romance Studio and a few other things. So check back, see some amazing authors and Indulge Your Inner Romantic.


Calisa Rhose said...

Hugs on the vision Lynn. I like action movies but prefer Mario when it comes to games. lol

Yay on SEVEN 2011 contracts! You rock and I know you can do great things n matter the genre.

wlynnchantale said...

Thanks Lisa. Mario is cool! That's what we grew up on. Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers. Seems like a lifetime ago.