Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet Leea from The Ketchikan Man by Ciara Lake

I'm very pleased to have Leea from The Ketchikan Man. Also I enjoyed the story and was pleasantly surprised with the plot twist. Leea was gracious enough to sit down and answer a few of my questions so  here we go.
What prompted you to answer the ad?
I answered the ad on a whim.  My grandmother had recently passed away I was all alone.  I just lost my job with the State of Oklahoma. I was feeling lonely and depressed.  When my friend showed me the ad, I laughed; but put it in my purse to look at later.  When I was home, alone I pulled it out and looked it over.  Lucan on paper was very interesting. Plus, Alaska seemed very exotic.  I decided I could email him without any risks.  After all, there would be no harm.  He’d never really know who I was.  I could say anything, be anyone.  I was safe at this distance.  I could escape my shyness and be the siren I had locked up inside.  So, I made up an email account to talk to him, initially keeping my identity secret.  I sent him a hello.  I was very charming.  I tried my hardest to be.  I had it inside me and let it all out. 
To my surprise, he answered me right away.   When I saw his email, excitement went through me, thrilling me so much.  For only a second I hesitated, and then answered.  I was so comfortable talking to someone so far away who really did not know me.  I could be free to say anything I wanted.  Then the conversation turned to being flirtatious.  I could tell him my deepest thoughts, desire with no consequences.  That is the beauty of internet relationship.  I could not wait to hear from him. 
  After a while, he convinced me to give him my phone number and we started texting then finally talking.  Lucan was so easy going and sweet, I loosened up more allowing my wild side to blossom.  He encouraged it.  I said anything and everything to him.  He made me more comfortable.  
I got so excited texting him.  I could text things to him, all sorts of things.  It was like a drug.  When I talked to him on the phone I was much more hesitant but still flirted with him.  I even dreamed about him, he was a fantasy. I kept telling myself that he really did not know me.  I could be or say anything.  He’s deep sexy voice made me feel bold sending tingles of desire through me.  I liked him.  I liked him a lot.  He’s easy way, his laugh, and sexy voice made me bold.  
When he asked me to go to Alaska, I was stunned and afraid.  But I really wanted to go.  For over a month, I debated going. I was afraid to go meet a stranger.  Was he as good as he seemed?  Was he who he said he was?  Was I? I worried he would see through me, I really was really a shy girl from Oklahoma and not the siren I pretended to be.  
Despite warnings from your best friend you still went to Alaska, do you regret that decision?
No, I am so happy I made the leap to go. It was the best decision of my life. I am very lucky.  I was afraid at first, but I did all I could to put my fear aside.  I wanted to change my life, have an adventure.  I wanted to change my luck.  I was desperate to meet the man who I dreamed of nightly.  I wanted to let go of my inhibitions, become the woman he had learned to like.  Be the woman on the internet and text, bold and sexy.  The texting and internet allowed me to free myself.  I convinced myself I could be that woman. 
What did you really think of Lucan when you first met him in person?
I was overwhelmed.  He was so handsome and big.  It was so easy to talk to a man from a distance.  But here he was right in front of me, hot and handsome, fully male.  Suddenly I was afraid of failing, letting him down.  I had no idea how to handle of man like Lucan.  I’d only had relationships with boys compared to him.  He was a man.  My shyness came back with full force making me crippled with fear of letting go.  I struggled to push myself.  I was at war with myself.  I did not want to mess up, but my personality struggled to be the woman on the phone.  You have no idea of the freedom texting and the internet gives you, unless you experience it.   
Lucan seemed very patient and accommodating at anytime did you think you would lose him if you continued playing hard to get?
Yes I was worried about him getting tired of me.  What game was I playing he would think.  But I was not playing hard to get.  I was simply a prisoner of my personality.  The freedom the texting allowed had vanished when I was with him.  Now, I was the real Leea, not the one I developed over the phone.  That was the problem.  The comfort level of being far away and not face-to-face was gone.  Suddenly here he was, all man and gorgeous.  Thank goodness, he understood and truly liked me.  He gave me time to warm up and allow my feelings to open me up.  
How are things now?
Wonderful, we are so much in love.  I lost all my shyness and now I am the woman on the phone.  I can be myself and I know he loves me.  I can be bold and free with him.  I understand him and his special secret and he understands me.  We are meant for each other. 
Anything else you’d like to add?
Be careful with internet love relationships or texting a stranger.  It is taking a chance but it may not turn out wonderful like ours did.  Remember people can fool you.  You can fool yourself too.  There is a certain freedom of these kinds of relationships and there is the ability for people to trick you too in a negative way.  So be careful!  I hope you find love like me!  
Leea, a young woman from Oklahoma engages in a heated sexting relationship with a man from Alaska. Lucan, on a hunt for his mate, advertised for a mail order bride. Leea aware of the risks, is still drawn to the Ketchikan man and his nightly naughty texts. Leea’s believes she’s behaved shockingly via text, now she’s embarrassed by the explicitness she shared with this virtual stranger. When she arrives in Alaska, she encounters an absolutely gorgeous male. Overwhelmed, she’s suddenly inhibited by timidity. However, Lucan is patient and determined to reveal Leea’s inner siren. His unique instincts tell him that she's his.

Lucan is a local artist, a talented man. He’s part Native American with an extra component in his genes.  Unknown to Leea, his honored ancestor passed a special gift to him.

Will Leea and Lucan’s passion survive the wilds of Alaska?

Reading and writing is a wonderful diversion from an often-difficult world. I love to create my own stories and have control over how things will end. It's exciting to create brand new worlds and characters. My imagination can come alive.
In sci-fi and paranormal stories, I can invent wonderful places and people. Anything is possible in these genres and that's limitless. I'm able to create an escape into a special world filled with unique and fantastic things and there is always a happy ending.
A high school teacher inspired me to write. However, instead of initially pursuing my writing career I became a lawyer. I work in divorce court, so romance is a great escape. There can be true love and happy-endings, at least on my pages.
My two children and I have two good-humored dogs that share our home and ease our stress. I have traveled and lived all over the world and these experiences have given me great creative ideas. I look forward to creating many more adventures in romance.


W. Lynn Chantale said...

Thanks again Leea for visiting, be sure to tell Ms. Lake I appreciate her loaning you out. In the meantime help yourself to the buffet and open bar. Chef and Tyrell are happy to serve.

Once again, I really enjoyed the story. Thanks for the wonderful adventure.

Liv said...

This looks like a really fun read, Ciara! I hope you're getting lots of interest in it.
Hi Lynn! Hi Tyrell!

Unknown said...

Oh, this is fantastic! A new to me author, and a definite must read for me. This book is exactly the kind I love to read!

Wishing you every success, Ciara! I think you have a winner here :D

Gena Robertson

W. Lynn Chantale said...

Hi Liv. It was a fun read and it has a nice little twist too. Tyrell sends his love.