Saturday, July 14, 2012

Christmas in July-Christmas Spirit

Still trying to beat the heat? It's Christmas in July here at Decadent Decisions. Chef has a Buche de Noel on the buffet table and he tried to make a fruitcake, but we had words over that. *indistinct mumbling from kitchen, stalks to door* I don't care if it is soaked in Tyrell's super secret aged rum. Nobody wants that gawdawful mess of dried fruit!
*pats stray hair into place*
Sorry about that, Chef is still a little…*squints at a tray containing slices of fruit dotted cake* Excuse me a moment. *grabs tray from server* I need to handle something in the kitchen real quick. In the meantime enjoy an excerpt from Christmas Spirit by Liberty Blake.


Cross a Christmas phobic male with a caterer with Christmas bells on...can she ignite the Christmas spirit in him?

What the hell had just happened? One minute he was in heaven tasting the sweet nectar of the gods. The next the little vixen was running down the subway stairs. Harry pulled his wits together and gave chase. The turnstile wouldn’t budge. He was about to jump it when a voice said, “I wouldn’t if I was you. It’s a serious crime to steal from the Commonwealth. Buy a pass if you want to ride the train.”

Harry turned to find a T officer standing directly behind him. The man pointed a nightstick toward a row of machines. “You can get one over there in the Charlie machines.”

Card in hand, he was back at the turnstile in time to see the train Elle had jumped on pulling away from the station.

Damn. He didn’t know her last name.

Liberty Blake's Whereabouts!

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