Thursday, July 19, 2012

I needed a hanky and a hug

To Honor by D.F. Krieger (The Review)
Who knew two little words would have such a strong impact on me. I was warned that I may need a tissue or two. If you’re looking for something sweet and sassy...well this ain’t it, but if you want to sink you teeth into a gut-wrenching romance then settle in and enjoy the ride.
I normally don’t get caught in the cover craze, but the emotional from this one really caught my attention. Her pain is nearly palpable.
From the first sentence to the last I wanted to be angry with the hero, Derek. I tried, but the way Ms. Krieger has written him, he’s so contrite, so remorseful of his actions it’s hard to maintain any anger at him. If anything I felt sorry for him.
And, Evelyn. Evelyn took me on a journey of emotions I’d forgotten. She’s a woman who has suffered many tragedies and is only hanging onto life by a thin thread. The only thing keeping her on her day to day path is her husband’s love. When that’s taken away from her, that thread breaks and she does the only thing possible, she chooses to die.
I don’t want to give away too much so I’ll stop right there. This story touched my heart in a way few romances do and if this was a movie it would definitely be one of those tearjerker Lifetime movies. This wasn’t a rags to riches, or a marriage of convenience. This is a glimpse into a marriage with two flawed people and how they fight back to regain their love and sanity. There was so much heart in this story I wondered if the author had lived through it.
A must read, just have a hanky at the ready. 

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