Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking it Too Far-Review

Just what you need before Halloween, a little time to scare yourself silly.

I'm a fan of Sonia Hightower. She creates some of the most amazing stories and characters. This was by far one of the best Halloween stories I've read this year.

This story left me questioning what was real and what was imagined. It was freaky, crazy, good and sent chills tickling up and down my spine. Remember A Nightmare on Elm Street? Mix in a little Freddy Kruger and a bit of erotic and you've got a sexy read that's hard to put down.

It's Halloween, and Vivian is looking forward to a sexy romp with her husband of eight years. The kids are tucked in bed, the bedroom door is locked, the candy's put away, and Vivian is ready and willing…but Kenny's Halloween costume is a bit creepy, and he may be taking it too far..
Will the night end in horror, or will a new day show that it was all a dream…a bad dream?

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