Monday, January 31, 2011

Use Me...Please

This one hand typing thing is getting old.  On Jan. 14 I cut my finger.  Any normal person would have simply needed a Band-Aid.  Me?  Stitches.  Okay. I can live with that, index finger in a splint, stitches out in ten days.  No problem.  I go for the follow up, reduced feeling in my finger.  A tendon or nerve may be cut.  Wow, okay.  A visit to the hand surgeon.  (Yes, I checked the sign on the wall and their stationery.)  I was scheduled for surgery.  Diagnosis: Severed Tendon has been repaired and the teeny, tiny nerve I cut...a moment of silence no more.
So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, typing with one hand.  I have a cast that goes from my fingertips to my elbow.  My hand is curved in such a way, it looks like a blue sock puppet without the eyes and mouth.
At this point you’re probably wondering what could this possibly have to do with writing?  Simple answer, A writer uses everything.  Just like a comedian or a minister draws from their life experiences, a writer draws from hers or his.  Will this go into a story?  You betcha!  My sexy heroine needs a little TLC and I know how to make sure she gets it.  One bandaged beauty coming up...

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