Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love or Lore?

My hubby was looking at the window sill the other day his comment, “every picture of us together is from Valentine’s Day.”  And without looking I know he’s right.  Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day we go out, nor are those the only photos of us together, but our Valentine pictures are a traditional that goes back to our high school days.  Our first picture together, me in a dress I made and my hubby, then boyfriend in a tux.  Later Valentine Ball’s or dinners.  Wherever there were photographers we took a picture.  I like taking pictures with my husband, he is the ultimate Valentine.  When I write about super romantic things, that is not something I’ve created.  I am the most unromantic person in the world.  My hubby treats me to these fabulous romantic dates that are so overwhelming I need a day to recover.  Last year it was a dinner cruise and a night at the hotel.
I’ve been told this is the month for lovers.  February is the month everyone tries to find someone for that special day.  You know the day...Valentine’s Day.  I did a little research, hey, I was curious.  I wanted to know where this holiday came from.  Was it something the florists, greeting cards, and candy makers produced or was it legit?
What I learned was St. Valentine Day is a combination of Christian and Roman rites.  Okay, cool, but where did the name come from?  One legend contends Roman Emperor Claudius II banned young soldiers from marriage.  Valentine, a priest, thought the decree unjust and continued to marry young lovers in secret.  Another legend says Valentine was imprisoned, fell in love with the jailor’s daughter, and sent her a letter signed ‘From your Valentine.’ (http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day)
Okay so that gives a little incite into the name, but what about the date?  Some believe it’s either the death or burial of Valentine, or the pagan Lupercalla festival.  The festival, beginning on Feb. 13 and ending Feb. 15, is a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus the Roman god of agriculture. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine's_Day)
  The holiday has grown in popularity to become what it is today.  Think about all those cards in elementary school and that one special card you saved for the boy or girl you were crushing on...or the Candygrams in Middle or High School.

How do you remember your Valentine’s Day?

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