Monday, June 20, 2011

It's not good-bye, but see you later!

Baby Toes and Fingers

So much has happened this week. We had a new addition to our family. I am an aunt again. Yay. passing out chocolate and champagne, sparkling cider for the teetotalers. And we moved. Finally! Old house is clean, have to unpack the new place. Wait, that’s not the even half of what happened rather last week. We went to a funeral. The same day of our new arrival, we lost a dear member of our church.
She was eighty years old and every time she saw me, she let me know I was loved. Do you know how wonderful and special that is? Eighteen months ago this woman had no idea who I was, but she hugged my neck and said ‘I love you and thank God you’re here.’ And she leaves a beautiful legacy behind, children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild. All I know is I want to carry the same love she showed me forward. Let someone know how special they are, you don’t have to know the person. If you don’t feel comfortable with saying ‘I love you’ to a complete stranger just let them know they are special. Take a moment to buy the person behind you a cup of coffee or a breakfast sandwich. Pay for someone else’s dry-cleaning or assist that harried mom with her groceries. Yeah I know you might get some strange looks, but just give a little of yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
One a lighter note. I signed or rather my alter ego sold my first erotic romance. ‘Breaking Delia’s Rules’ has found a home with Breathless Press. Whew! I’ve held onto that story for a good ten years and after many rejections decided to turn a 60K novel into an erotic short story. Can you believe the idea for the story was originally for a contest run by Arabesque Books waaaaaaay back in the day?
Well I can’t believe it either. I’m still waiting to hear from Wild Rose Press about my Santa story. And in the meantime I have a few other projects I’m working on, two erotics and another short. Goodness I still have to change POV on two other manuscripts. Keep watching and hopefully I will exceed my goal for the year. 

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