Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Part Two

Father Time
Well this is the week of the big move. We’ve got our boxes and bins. Don’t forget the flurry of last minute school activities, award ceremonies class field trips and recitals. This is the first time I can remember dreading the end of the year. My children are involved in entirely too many activities. I need a calendar to keep up with them as well as my husband. And when I’m not supporting them I have my own deadlines to meet.
If you’ve seen me at school functions I’m the one with the Mac furiously typing away. Only one time have I put away my computer because of total distraction-high school choir sang a song so hideous my MUSE ran away. I don’t recall the song...oh wait. I do. It was a medley of Negro spirituals and not the usual ones either. No more writing after that, my Muse took her ideas and left. I don’t blame her I wished I could have fled.
The open house was a blast! A HUGE shout out goes to Pure Pro Wrestling, Xavier Justice, Hades, Father Time, Grizzly House Jones, The Big Deal as well as many others who came and shared in Tim’s special day. Creal, my middle son’s band, totally rocked the house. I love to see young people doing something positive.
And in the midst of the celebration I was able to relax and enjoy the party. Yes I still had a deadline and a new challenge to tackle. Book in a Week. I know what was I thinking?
So far so good I’ve missed my writing goal only twice thus far. I’m hoping to exceed the 2500 word goal again. I’m almost done with the story, about a dancer who lusts after her partner even though she’s engaged to someone else.
Maybe once I’ve completed BIAW, I can tackle adding tabs to my blog. Now that’s a real challenge. :-)

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