Thursday, August 11, 2011

Because I said so!

As I write this post I’m having an argument with my characters. Go ahead laugh. Most writers will understand and know I’m on the losing side. I don’t care, I’m asserting my creative control. Yep, losing big time.
Anywho. Does anyone watch Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels? This season has me in tears. I won’t spoil it for anyone who is still catching up on the season, but be warned. Tissue alert. While I was watching the show I realized how closely Gene and Shannon follow a romance novel. Gene’s fatal flaw, he’s selfish, arrogant, and insecure. DId I mention his fear of commitment? Does that sound like a romance hero? Shannon is the beautiful, independent heroine waiting tirelessly for the hero to commit. It’s hard enough to have relationship problems in private, but the whole world has to see what’s going on with them. And yes I’m breathlessly waiting for the next episode.
Yep. One of my guilty pleasures. My lit professors would be so proud at the way I’ve been analyzing characters and plot, finding point-of-view and motivation. I can’t even read a book without dissecting it in some way. All I know is I want to create that same emotion when I write. I want to keep the tension focused so the reader has to turn the page and keep turning the page to find out what happens.
So maybe I’ll stop arguing with my characters and let them have their way. Now that I’ve gotten to know my characters, I think the biggest issue is having plotted this thing through. Maybe this story would have been better if I pantsed it out. So here comes rewrite #5. Going back to the original story. Why can’t I begin with a love scene? Is there some rule that says I can’t?


Ebony Dreams said...

OH my this was great!

wlynnchantale said...

Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

This WAS great! :-)

Rebecca J. Clark said...

I think only writers can get away with talking to imaginary people and not be committed. :)

You say you should have 'pantsed' your WIP? I've realized it doesn't matter if I plot it or pants it--I still get stuck in the middle. That said, I'm TRYING to become more of a plotter. Maybe it'll help me write faster.