Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CBLS Let's Warm Up!

Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Orsayor.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by followed and left a comment. Thank you. I'll contact you shortly to get the particulars from you.

After the beautiful day we had Sunday, today was downright COLD!!! I don't know about you, but I was thinking more about snuggling with my honey rather than hanging with relatives and eating barbecue.

Doesn't he look like the snuggling type? Or at least keep a body warm. <g>

Today's giveaway is a copy of Seducing His Wife. Just follow my blog AND leave a comment.

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Orsayor said...

Wow! What a nice sight to wake up to.. LOL - The book is going to be a steamy one..


Nay Nay said...

What a gorgeous man you have. Is he as snuggly as He seems in the picture. If he is I envy you. Mine keeps me warm, but doesn't like to snuggle too often. Thanks for sharing a pic of your honey. and thanks for another chance to win.

Congratulations to Orsayor.

Already a GFC follower.

reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

wlynnchantale said...

Hello Orsayor,
Yes he is rather pleasant to look at.

Hi Nay Nay, Oh goodness. No that's not my honey. That's a random pic I pulled off the Internet for viewing pleasure.