Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Moment with Jennifer Jakes

Today Jennifer Jakes is visiting my humble blog. I visit her blog on a regular basis to get my fix on Man Candy. You should check it out. Every Monday she posts a hot guy or guys for our viewing pleasure. I appreciate the long hours she put in to find those great pics.  So here's Jennifer.

If you could go anywhere in the world on a romantic getaway, what would you do and where would you go?

I would rent a private Caribbean island for just me and my hubby. White sand, ocean breeze. . . a few drinks;)

If you could live the life of one of your characters who would you be? 

I think the answer should always be "the one I'm writing right now". When I'm writing I feel as if I'm living in that particular world, so for me I'm "living" in that heroines life temporarily. 
The tag line on my blog is ‘Indulge Your Inner Romantic.’ What do you do to indulge? The obvious answer is: I read. LOL Which I do, but my hubby and I try to have a "date" at least a couple times a month.

How do you stay motivated when the Muse is uncooperative? 
Ooooh, a good question. (Could you tell me the answer?) OK, honestly what I try is imagining different scenarios at the for the plot point I'm stuck at -- I've heard someone else say try to think of 6 things. Usually this will get my muse going.
What is the hardest thing for you to write?
The beginning. At least the first 3 chapters. After that I know my characters well enough they just lead the way. But those first chapters . . .*shudders*
Here are the links:
Thanks so much for having me!

Please share a blurb and excerpt of Rafe's Redemption.

He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman.

For hunted recluse Rafe McBride, the raven-haired beauty on the auction block  is exactly what he doesn't need. A dependent woman will be another clue his vengeful stepbrother can use to find and kill him. But Rafe's conscience won't let him leave another innocent's virginity to the riff-raff bidding. He buys her, promising to return her to St. Louis untouched. He only prays the impending blizzard holds off before her sultry beauty breaks his willpower. 

She wanted freedom, not a lover.

Whisked to the auction block by her devious, gambling cousin, and then sold into the arms of a gorgeous stranger, outspoken artist Maggie Monroe isn't about to go meekly. Especially when the rugged mountain man looks like sin and danger rolled into one. But a blizzard and temptation thrust them together, and Maggie yearns to explore her smoldering passion for Rafe.

But when the snow clears, will the danger and secrets that surround Rafe and Maggie tear them apart?

 Maggie wanted freedom, not a lover…

 Oh, Lord. He was going to kiss her. She shouldn’t want this. She was confused enough.
 Respectable women didn’t kiss men they barely knew, certainly not men who made them have wild,
 exotic dreams.

It was crazy. He was making her want crazy things. Making her not give a damn about her reputation
or her virginity. Or her long-awaited freedom. All she could think about was that dream, and the way
his sinful mouth had felt. The table was only a step away, and honey was just as sweet as peach juice…

She swallowed hard and looked up into his hooded eyes.

“Maggie,” he groaned. “Don’t be scared. I’d never hurt you.”

 Her mouth parted to object, but firm lips covered hers, hungry, demanding. She gasped, shocked at his
hunger, but even more at the illicit response coursing through her. An aching heat unfurled low in her
stomach, pulsed between her legs. Oh, yes. It started just like in the dream.

He deepened the kiss, coaxed her lips with his warm tongue. Long, languid strokes teased the inside of
her mouth, encouraging, tempting before he pulled back to nibble the corners of her lips.

Oh, God. Is this what all kisses felt like? Hot, lethargic? Melting her like molasses over warm bread?

 “Kiss me, Maggie,” he breathed.


Carol L. said...

Oooh, another new book for my TRL. Loved the premise. Thanks for the post.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

wlynnchantale said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for being here. It's still a little chilly, so I had the chef prepare lots of comfort food. You should try the mac n cheese. Ooey-gooey goodness. And there's plenty of hot chocolate too on the open bar.

How did you come up with the idea for Rafe's REdemption?

Calisa Rhose said...

I didn't expect anything less Jennifer! Great interview and super hot excerpt! Thanks Lynn!

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Carol! Thanks so much.
And thanks for stopping by on this chilly morning:)

Jennifer Jakes said...

Thanks for having me! Oh, yum.... LOVE mac-n-cheese.
The idea for RAFE started long ago when our first daughter was a (never-sleeping) baby. Over many hours in the rocking chair, I kept having this thought about a city girl trapped in a snowy cabin with a (hot) mountain man. I kept wondering why he was there and what he was hiding. So the idea grew from that:) Have to say, those were the days when Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was on TV and that Sully was such a hottie I'm sure he inspired me too. LOL

Donnell said...

Love the interview, and the excerpt, Jennifer. You're smokin'. Congratulations on your success!

Vonnie Davis said...

Morning, Jennifer. Excellent interview. You know how I loved Rafe. He and I spent several nights snuggled on the floor of that cabin. Reading your book was a sensual delight and most definitely a KEEPER.

Lynne Marshall said...

Nice to get to know you, Jennifer. Yeah, I'm with you on that tropical island with hubby and drinks - as long as it isn't hurricane season!

I absolutely love you opening blurb line: He rode into town to buy supplies, not a wife. LOL. Fantastic.

Nice interview, Ms Chantale.

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Donnell! *waves* Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by to see me:)

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Vonnie -
LOL! Yes, Rafe is good for snuggling and keeping warm;)
Thanks so much!

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Lynne! Glad you liked it:) And oh, yea, no hurricanes allowed when we're relaxing w/ the hubbies!
Thanks for stopping by!

Cherie Marks said...

Great interview for a great author. Rafe will always have a place on my keeper shelf. So happy for your success, Jennifer.

Mimi Barbour said...

After reading that excerpt, Jennifer, how can a romantic soul such as myself not whip out the ole Kindle?? Looking forward to a great read.

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Cherie!
Awww, thanks so much :) Love ya!

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Mimi-
Oh, YAY!! Hope you like RAFE;)

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Loved Rafe...Loved Maggie's independent spirit and willingness to experiment with new things. It was a wonderful story with a sexy soul. And that cover...Yum!

I can't wait for the next book. Will it tie in with Rafe and Maggie or is it completely stand alone?

Thanks for telling us more about yourself and thanks to Lynn for having you.

Lori Leger

Jennifer Jakes said...

Hi Lori!! Thanks so much:)
My next will be stand alone ... tho' I had one reader ask for RAFE'S CHRISTMAS and I may try to squeeze that in as a free read on my website.
Glad you liked RAFE:)

Caroline Clemmons said...

Great story, Jennifer. Can't wait to read this book. Might have to skip over my TBR stash and read it now.

Jennifer Jakes said...

Thanks, Caroline! :)