Sunday, September 4, 2011

Having a Blast

Well here we are again. Isn't he yummy. I couldn't resist, after all he has "bad" written all over him. *winks*

Go ahead. Take a moment.

I hope you're enjoying Back to Smut. I'm having a blast. Don't forget to pop over to Sizzling Hot Books to see what's going one. My post today is titled 'Last Night.' Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the watch.

This week's guests will be Jennifer Jakes and Gail Koger. I'm looking forward to the visits of both these ladies. Oh and then beginning tomorrow I'm part of the Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Ten Days of Giveaways. I'll post a couple of giveaway items on the contest page later today.

Last week I posted the first half of a super short story. Here's the other half of Proof of Murder.

Proof of Murder (Conclusion)
W. Lynn Chantale

A set of gray eyes pierced Will the moment he entered his office.  “That tasty morsel,” Deets smacked his lips.  “Is she okay?”
“Asthma attack.”
Deets shifted in his chair.  “Why don’t you just cut a deal?”
“Are you working on the advice of counsel or just making suggestions?”  Will shifted a file on his desk, noticed the blotter out of place.  He sat behind the desk, held Deets’ duplicitous gaze.  “Might I suggest you speak with your attorney before you set foot in my office again, Mr. Deets.”
Deets stood, straightening his suit.  “I hope that saucy little friend of yours is still around.  I might take her to dinner.”
Will clenched his hand into a fist and a muscle ticced in his jaw.  “I’d like to see you try,” he said, quiet menace in his voice.
Deets stepped forward, planting his large worn hands on the desk.  “We both know you’re never going to catch me.  I don’t need an attorney to tell me that.”
Will returned Deets’ hostile stare.  “Tell me Deets, how did you get that cut on your neck?”  The older man clasped a hand to his throat. Will smiled.  “Get out of my office!”
Deets laughed.  “You’ll never catch me, but I’ll catch her.”  He exited, closing the door behind him.
Will reached for his phone.  He had to warn Allyson.
 The warm, sweet, scent of flowers and chlorine drifted on the afternoon breeze.  But the closer Allyson got to the pool, the more her hands shook.  She couldn’t go into the water.  She glanced around. No matter how many deep breaths she took, she couldn’t calm her racing heart.  She slipped off her heels and walked along the pool’s edge, searching the grounds. 
 A glittering flash caught the corner of her eye.  Nestled between the flagstones lay a necklace.  She knelt, and with a gloved finger worked the chain loose, dropping it inside a small plastic bag.  The one piece of evidence Will needed.  She stood, turned, and froze. 
“You’ve been such a help, my dear.  Once I get rid of you, I will walk away a free man,” Deets said, flexing his hands.
Allyson swallowed hard.  “The task won’t be that simple.  People know I’m here.”
He sneered.  “But you won’t be found here!”  He lunged.  “Maybe if you give me what you found, I’ll make your death painless.”
“I’ll take my chances.” Allyson spun around and fled.
Footsteps thundered behind her.  Rough hands seized her shoulder. She stumbled. Deets’ shoved her. She hit the ground, gasping for air. Unable to draw breath for a scream. When he dragged her towards the pool, she clawed at the backs of his hands.
He lifted her.  Allyson glimpsed a perfect blue cloudless sky, her body weightless, the next moment, cool water closed over her head.  She dug her nails into the hands holding her under, the sunlight dimming.
Muffled shouts reverberated under the water. Her oxygen starved lungs burned.  The world bubbled and churned.  Strong arms grabbed her around the waist, jerking her upright.  Choking and coughing she wrapped her arms around the broad shoulders of her rescuer as he carried her to safety.
“I thought I told you to be careful,” Will brushed the tangle of wet hair from her face.
“I tried,” Allyson said.
He gazed into her eyes, wiping the moisture from her face.  “I barely got here in time.”
She leaned into him.  “But you did.”  She reached in her pocket and handed him the chain.  “This should be enough to convict him.”
Will stood and helped her to her feet.  “With this and your testimony, he’ll go away for a long, long time.”  He dropped a soft kiss on her mouth, holding her tighter in his embrace as Deets was led away in restraints. 

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