Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to Work

The first chance I've had to really blog on my site. lol I love it. Have you been enjoying the guests? I have, my TBR pile has tripled, despite reading 12 books on vacation. Yes I went on vacation. Ahh it was marvelous. Warm sunshine, balmy breezes, sugar white sand, clear blue skies. ahhh it was heavenly.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture while we were in the Theme Park. I love Dr. Suess and Green Eggs and Ham was my favorite story to read.

Let me tell you what's going on this week. I'm blogging at Whipped Cream Reviews on Tuesday, Thursday I'm at Theresa Stillwagon's and Saturday I'm taking over Facebook. What? Romance writers can't have a world domination quest? Okay so it's just Whispers Publishing page. So come out have fun, see what I'm doing and there may be chocolate involved. Yeah, I'm not above bribing to get what I want.
Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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