Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Name My Chef

It only took months before I found a picture which inspired me. It couldn't be just any old pic either and believe me I looked through hundreds. I can really see this guy whipping up an omelet or my personal fave, waffles.
Maybe it's the eyes or the bit of scruffiness goin' on, either way, this cute commands my cyber kitchen and fills my buffets for all the guests and readers. So give him a name.

Let's see, $5 Amazon GC to the commenter with the best name.

My Chef could be considered a little temperamental, we don't always see eye to eye. He likes to be in control at all time, but he has a soft spot for doggies.
He drives a Mustang 5.0 and has been known to drag race against Tyrell. Why those two feel the need to compete is beyond me.

If you need more deets on my handsome chef let me know. I'm not sure if this hottie should have an accent. What do you think? I'll take suggestions all week, and announce the winner on Sunday.

May the best name win!


KaceyHammell said...

OH those eyes!!! Sexy.

Couple that instantly sprang to mind are:

Lochlan & Jarrod -- there's various spellings for both of course :D

Oh those eyes!! LOL
Love the scruff too.

marybelle said...

Alexandro - has to be