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Blog Hop, Fiction and Reviews

I know you're wondering how I'm going to fit all of this in this post, right? Okay first order of business. Blog Hop. You know the drill, if you've been to Decadent Decisions before. I keep things simple. Leave a comment for a chance to win a Valentine prize. I'll post a picture of the prize a little later, on the contest page.

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In the meantime here a few authors I've read and have reviewed over the last couple of weeks. Maybe you'll discover a new author or two.

Hawthorne by Sarah Ballance Romantic Suspense
I loved the surprise ending. Yes, there is a surprise and I’m not going to ruin it. Let me tell you, I love a good ghost story and Hawthorne delivered on its promise with a vengeful ghost, a haunted plantation and a missing will.
This story caught me off-guard and knocked me for a loop. I’m one of those readers or viewers who can generally figure out the storyline fairly quickly, but this story just blew me away.
At the opening we glimpse Emma Grace returning to her ancestral home after a ten year absence, her grandmother has passed away and the will cannot be found. Despite knowing she needs to return to settle the estate, two things bother her, her accident and the love she had for the caretaker’s son, Noah.
Noah has some lingering sadness over Emma Grace’s accident, because she left and he never got to pursue the love he had for her. And he stayed at Hawthorne, hoping one day she would return.
Who wouldn’t want a guy like this and I couldn’t wait for these two character to get together. After all this is a romantic suspense and that first kiss...sigh.
This story kept me swiping my Kindle, I couldn’t read fast enough and the bread crumbs sprinkled throughout the story...I enjoyed the emotional element. Who hasn’t had a budding love just waiting to blossom, but there’s a twist. One I didn’t see coming until the author wanted me too.
So if you’re looking for a quick read, that will have you thinking about the ending long after you’ve read this great story, Hawthorne is the read for you.

Rosemary & Mistletoe by Bianca Sommerland Erotica
This was a sweet, sexy story. All Rosemary wants to do is spend Christmas with her nest. After the trauma they all sustained I can see why. If you haven’t read Rosemary Entwined, no worries there’s enough backstory sprinkled in so the reader isn’t lost.
Rosemary is a succubus, a demon who feeds off sexual energy
Then of course I was curious as to how one woman could take on seven men. Call it a fascination of mine.
I just liked this story. It was funny, romantic, sweet, sexy and made me want to learn more about these characters. The characters are not perfect, they all have flaws and that really appealed to me.
Also once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I was only going to read a few pages, since the hubby wasn’t home and ended up reading until about two in the morning. I love stories that keep me riveted to the page and willing to ditch sleep to find out what happens next.
Nicely Done!

Daughter of Lust by Ann Mayburn Erotica

If you want to read a book your absolutely cannot put down. This is the one. The characters were so compelling, the struggle real. OMG I was only going to read a little bit of the story while I was in the car, but I tuned out my husband. When I got home I ignored my son. I did not put the story down until I finished and even then I didn't want it to end.
I loved Natalia Shura, a Cambion, part human part demon. She has no idea of her heritage and the emotions she goes through while coming into her powers, she thinks she's losing her mind most of the time. It was very nicely done.
And  there are such vivid creatures in the story as well, like the Nightmare and some of the demons and devils mentioned.
Did I mention I didn't want this story to end?

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Sarah Ballance said...

Thank you so much for your review of HAWTHORNE. I appreciate your time and I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story!

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You're welcome. I can't believe I didn't see the ending coming. Really good job.

M. S. spencer said...

Happy Valentines Day blog hop! Hawthorne sounds wonderful--love the cover too. Stop by my blog--my best & worst Valentines. #181 on the bloghopspot. M. S. Spencer

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They all sound wonderful.... Daughter of Lust looks especially delicious...

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