Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Her Highland Champion and Birthday Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my new friend, Lynn! Thanks so much for allowing me to join your party!
Today I'd like to talk about favorite birthday presents. Sure you can share with us what your favorite present has been, but I'm going to talk about what would be the perfect present for me! What I'd love for a birthday present is a week's reservation in Glenfinnan, Scotland. This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I've been lucky enough to visit twice now, but both trips were only a night or two. That's definitely not long enough! For sure the best present would be a week to explore more of this amazing place, which inspired my contemporary Scottish romantic suspense, HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION. 
The village is small, with around 100 residents according to the Glenfinnan Community Council. It has 2 beautiful hotels that are run by wonderful people who are genuinely interested in your comfort. The Prince's House and the Glenfinnan House Hotel. This second hotel was the inspiration for my hero's bed & breakfast too, and I even got help during the writing of my book from the hotel's manager who answered all my questions! There are lots of things to do around here, such as taking a walk around the Glenfinnan Viaduct, visiting the Glenfinnan Monument, shopping in the gift shop, and cruising along the loch. Of course, you can always hang out in one of the lovely common rooms in either hotel and have a pint or two. When I stayed at the Prince's House, a local musician came in for a drink and on the spur of the moment he pulled out his fiddle and played for us. When I stayed at the Glenfinnan House Hotel, I sat talking with several of the locals about life in the village and tried their local beer. While on this last trip, I handwrote 40 pages on a manuscript! 

As you can see from my pictures, Glenfinnan is a truly beautiful and relaxing place to visit. So, yes, the perfect present for me would be a whole week in this glorious place. I bet I'd get quite a bit of writing done AND I'd be so relaxed! 

Your turn. What's your idea of a perfect birthday present? It can be one you've already received or one you'd love to get. I'll give a free copy of my book, HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION, to one commenter!

A Decadent Honor Guard story….
Heather Winchester leads a charming life. With good friends, a beautiful flat in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and a promising future once she finishes her Ph.D, she is finally pursuing her own dreams instead of catering to everyone else’s…except she doesn’t remember any of it.
Malcolm Fraser has returned to his Highland village to forget his failings as a professional bodyguard. Believing he could just lose himself in the mundane activities of running his bed & breakfast, he finds a woman’s lifeless body by the loch instead….
Captivated by Heather as she regains her memory, Malcolm is thrown into the line of duty. As danger comes knocking on their door, will he be strong enough to love her and keep her safe? 


W. Lynn Chantale said...

Hi there. Thank you so much for being a part of the birthday bash. Help yourself to the buffet and open bar. *brushes glitter from hair* Sorry about that. It's been a grand party.

I'd love to take the time to explore Stonehenge or The Eiffel Tower.

Those pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us!

Sue Sattler said...

Happy birthday Lynn! I hope you have a wonderful day. The best birthday present that I could ever get would be a month in either Ireland or Scotland. A week just wouldn't be enough for me.


Alexa said...

Oooh, Stonehenge! I'd LOVE to see that too. Funny, in all my visits to the UK I've never managed to get there...yet.

Sue, a month in Ireland or Scotland sounds wonderful!

Rachelle Ayala said...

Oh... well, since we're fantasizing, I'd like a week of lessons from a Scottish fiddler. I do play violin already, but have not really explored folks music much. A month in Scotland would be more than I could even wish for. And add a Highlander with a set of pipes. Oh my! LOL.

Carol L. said...

Lynn, I hope your Birthday is filled with joy and many wishes for your dreams to come true.
The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I've been wanting to go to a small village in Scotland and just breathe in the magic that it seems to have.This village loos perfect. Hopefully one day. :) Count me in if it's a print book as I can't read e-books.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Alexa said...

Oooh, Rachelle, a sexy Scottish fiddler! Yum!

Carol, unfortunately the book isn't in print. :-( Sorry! But thanks for your support!

Alexa said...

And the winner is.....

Sue Sattler!

Congratulations, Sue, and I hope you love Champion!