Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sinful Truth and a Giveaway

As I sit here at 6:15p.m. on a Monday, desperately clutching my mug of coffee to stay awake because it’s grey and drizzly outside, I’m struck by a sense of ennui.

Pointless yawning sighs.
Until my cat knocks over his entire bowl of food, causing me to slosh my coffee all over myself and scream loud enough to wake the poodle, causing him to bark and leap at the door like marauding zombies are upon us and this ten-pound curly-headed canine is the last hope for humanity. Tears. I have tears, and palpitations, and an asthma attack.
Yeah. I don’t do with being startled very well.
One might even say I’m a bit of a weenie. A wuss. A total chickenshit.
But I’m okay with that. I’ve put in my time. I played tough in high school, when my two best friends made it their mission to watch every scary movie that ever existed. 
All the Halloweens, Friday the 13ths, Pet Sematarys, Childrens of the Corns, Hellraisers, Screams, Creepshows, and damned if I can remember what else they forced me to watch through cajoling, whining, ridicule, and straight up bullying. As a result, even to this day I become nearly catatonic at the sight of the Scream mask. I’d post a picture, but then I’d never be able to come back to this blog. And that would be sad, because I wouldn’t be able to give you a copy of my scary book.
I wrote a scary book. 
It’s sexy too, but it’s a LOT scary. It’s an erotic horror romance entitled SINFUL TRUTH. In homage to all the creepy films my besties forced me to watch, I’ve written a book so scary that it gave me nightmares the last time I read it. A short excerpt for you:
I skidded to a halt, unable to process what my eyes were showing me. Rafe dropped to his knees beside the now-dead woman and ripped the remnants of her shirt open, baring her bloody breasts. Davis crossed the crinkling leaves until he reached them, then he and Rafe lowered their heads to the wound. I turned away as the wet sucking noises started and my feet pounded the earth without my brain saying go. 
The woods got darker as I ran, my panicked breaths too loud. Quiet, Bry, they’ll hear you! If they hear you then you’ll be next! 
But I couldn’t stop the desperate sob that burst from my chest when footsteps started pounding behind me. 
“You fucking bitch! I told you to stay in the goddamn car!” 
Tears streamed from my eyes as I ran, jumping over a fallen log just in time to avoid tripping. A muffled curse behind me indicated Rafe might not have been so lucky. 
My lungs burned and my legs ached but I couldn’t stop running. Which way was the car? If I could get there first, I could get the hell out of here. I shouldn’t have gotten out of that damn car in the first place. I should have stayed put. But then would I really know what he was capable of? Oh god, what could I do? He’d killed someone and he knew I saw him do it. He’d kill me next. 
The fickle moon hid behind another cloud, making it impossible to see more than a few inches ahead. I knocked into trees, branches grabbed at my exposed skin, the stinging pain lashing me forward. I was lost, so very lost. I couldn’t hear what was behind me. I couldn’t tell what was in front of me. Terror drove me on for three more steps. 
Unseen hands gripped my arm and clapped over my mouth, smothering my scream before it began.
So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want to read it? Let me know below, and we’ll select one random commenter for a FREE ebook copy of SINFUL TRUTH! 
And in the meantime, I’ll be cleaning coffee off my computer and cat food off the floor. The glamorous life of an erotic romance author…


Andris Bear said...

Love it! Cannot wait to read what happens next!

W. Lynn Chantale said...

Hi Regina! Come on in and help yourself to the buffet. We've been having such a good time these last few days.

Not a scary movie fan, huh? Well I won't torture you with any masks and such here. The last scary movie I saw was Case 39 in broad daylight. The last scary movie that kept me awake was Paranormal Activity. Don't ask why I watched it, but I regret doing it.

You book has me intrigued and I've got to pick it up. Who grabbed her and what are they going to do to her?

In the meantime enjoy the party and Congratulaions on the release!

Michelle V said...

I love horror and I love the idea of an erotic horror romance! This is definitely going on my wish list!

Michelle V

Regina Cole said...

Thanks Andris!! :)

Regina Cole said...

Thanks so much for having me, and Happy Birthday Lynn!

Paranormal Activity? No way. The last movie I let myself be peer-pressured into was 30 Days of Night. I spent the whole movie with my hoodie pulled over my eyes and earbuds in. I STILL had nightmares.

I hope you like ST!! And thanks again for letting me stop by. :)

Regina Cole said...

Hi Lynn!

I tried to respond to you earlier, but Blogger HATES me.

No way could I do Paranormal Activity. The last movie I let myself get peer-pressured into was 30 Days of Night. I spent the whole movie with my hoodie over my eyes and earbuds in my ears. I STILL had nightmares.

She MIGHT have just been grabbed by a cursed Egyptian warrior. MIGHT. ;)

Hope you like it!

Regina Cole said...

Hi Michelle!!
I really hope you do enjoy ST! It's a horse of a different color, that's for sure!
Please let me know what you think. :)



amyt865 said...

I love romantic suspense so I say YES, to erotic horror romance! Count me in! Thanks for the giveaway!

Regina Cole said...

Congratulations to Michelle!! You've won the free copy of Sinful Truth!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and I hope you enjoy!