Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Taste of Lust & Bound

I'm trying something new. One the advice of another author I'm hoping to create a little more buzz and interest in my upcoming release Lust & Bound.

You've seen the cover and if you haven't...

I had a few posters made and can't wait to get them framed, well at least one of them. Sorry got sidetracked. And if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a few snippets here and there. Well I'm going to tease you with a scene or two today. Zach has arrived at Trisha's salon for his weekly appointment, but there's a little more going on than just getting his hair did.

Zach sat in his car, staring at the shop. He shoved a handful of hair from his face as he studied the woman moving inside. Her movements were jerky, restless, not as graceful or sure as she paced the shop. Every now and then she paused to look at her watch and comb her fingers through her long tousle of curls. A perplexed expression adorned her pretty face when she glanced at the door.
A slight smile tipped his lips. She was waiting for him. A quick glance at the dashboard clock confirmed he was late. No wonder she was concerned. 
Still, there were other issues he needed to consider. He dropped his gaze to the paper on the passenger seat. The scratched out face and dark slashing amrks left him cold and angry.
I’m watching her, echoed through his brain and apprehension slid down his spine. Someone sat in this very spot and took this picture—today. Zach crumpled the grainy photo in his fist, wishing he could erase the threat just as easily.
He exited the car and cast a wary eye around the parking lot. Nothing seemed out of place, but he still needed to be careful. The locks clicked and horn chirped to indicate he’d locked the doors. Once more he peered through the salon window. “Shear Fabulous” was emblazoned on the glass in vibrant blue letters. He paused when she bent to retrieve a pen from the floor. The short black skirt stretched across the curve of her voluptuous ass. Stifling a groan he shifted his now throbbing erection. She straightened, smoothed down her skirt and adjusted the lavender scooped neck tank. Just one night to taste all that butterscotch skin, that’s all he wanted.
He straightened as an idea occurred. Maybe there was a way to keep her safe and indulge his fantasies.
She turned, tossing her near waist length hair from her face, and locked eyes with him. A sultry smile curved her luscious lips and he yearned to sample the sweetness of her mouth. His cock twitched. Or better yet feel the heat of her mouth wrapped around the rigid length of him. He stared at her, images of her head in his lap while his hand fisted in the silky length of her hair teased him.
Trisha sighed in relief. Finally. She hurried to open the door and twisted the lock.
“I was getting worried.” She leaned against the glass, holding it open.
  Zach stood in front of her, the crisp white dress shirt slightly wrinkled stretched across his well-muscled chest. He lifted a hand and dragged a gentle finger against her skin just above the scooped neckline of her lavender top. A shiver raced through her body at the provocative caress. 
“Were you?” His velvety voice was pure seduction. Just two little words and she was ready to melt into a pool at his feet.
She nodded as she stared up at him. “Late client?”
“Paperwork. My office manager gets a little testy when I don’t do my mileage logs.” He moved past her and into the shop.
She locked the door behind him. When she turned he was already loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. The sight of his back with its taut muscles rippling beneath the cotton left her breathless. Removing his shirt shouldn’t have surprised her, as he’d done it every time before, but this time the urge to run her fingers over the sinewy chocolate-hued flesh was overwhelming. Damn Shauna and her handcuff comment.
“Are you ready for me?” Zach stood framed in the doorway removing his cufflinks.

All righty then. I hope you've been sufficiently teased, if not I promise to post more in the coming weeks. Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.


Liv said...

Can't wait!

W. Lynn Chantale said...

I changed a few things around. :-)

Author Nikki Prince said...

This sounds great W Lynn! I can't wait either.