Monday, July 23, 2012

Maiden Behind the Mask-Character Interview with Ricardo

What’s your favorite color?
Black, like my cape, which my ungrateful wife has stolen!
What type of vehicle do you drive?
Que? I have a stallion!
Describe yourself to me.
Muy guapo. Can't you see? I am handsome, in my twenties, dark hair and eyes, and I have a debonair mustache.
How would your mate describe you?
I believe she used the word Inmenso to describe a part of me… Can you guess which part? Would you like to see, mi amor? You can look, but not touch. Mi corazon is only for my wife.
What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
My wife. Her heart is big, her soul is brave. I love that she wants to help others, even at the risk to herself.
What's the one thing you want to do? What would happen if you could do it?
Well, I would like to see my wife with that cantina senorita again…a replay of sorts, but I fear my wife would not be so…susceptible to the idea. I prefer not to discuss the potential ramifications of that. 
Describe your ideal mate.
Fiery, but not so fiery that she usurps me. She must know when to yield. I wear the pants…most of the time!
What are you most afraid of?
I will not ride behind La Reina. Her problema frightens me. It's unnatural.
What's the most important thing in your life?

Mi familia, of course.
What do you consider your special talent?
I am good with my sword…both of them.
How did you meet the hero/heroine?
I saved Catalina from a man trying to violate her! 
Was it love at first sight or did it develop slowly?
Eh, slowly. I was more in love with her dowry.
I confess, I was not enamored with her at first. I thought she was a…how do you Americans say it?...flighty female. No fire.
What did you dislike about her when you first met?
She allowed people to assume I had compromised her honor!
If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
  1. I want my cape back.
  2. I want a strong and strapping son, though a little Hermana is good too, especially if it looks like her mother.
  3. A solution to La Reina's problema. As I said above, it is not natural! I know not how my wife puts up with it. Perhaps, a cork? Do you have a cork? Si, I want a good-sized cork.
When Catalina Rodriguez is attacked by a would-be rapist and rescued by the dashing Ricardo Garcia, she not only becomes more aware of the handsome man, but also vows that she'll never be a damsel in distress again. Using the timeless method of blackmail, she convinces her uncle to teach her to fight and becomes a masked crusader in the night, saving damsels from robbers and rough handling.
But scandalous rumors and dwindling funds force Ricardo and Catalina to marry.  Not immune to each other's charms, their marriage starts fiery, but when one of Catalina's nightly escapades results in dire consequences, she is forced to spurn her husband's amorous advances…or reveal a secret that could turn him away from her forever.
Ricardo is not a man to be cuckolded or left in the dark. Is his wife having an affair with El Capitan, the masked savior? If so…they will both pay.
Tara Chevrestt is a deaf woman, a dog mom, a reader, and a motorcycle and airplane buff. She worked as an aircraft mechanic for eleven years before turning to a career in writing. When not chasing her dogs around the house (or writing about them!), she battles over her laptop keyboard with her alter ego, Sonia Hightower.
Tara never knows what a story is going to turn out to be. Whereas Tara writes historical or contemporary romance, humor, young adult, and even a memoir, Sonia pens erotic noir or bdsm. Be it a Tara or a Sonia book, you're sure to find something that interests you.
She tore her gaze away from the horse and said firmly. "Cinco pesos. And only because this caballa has fire, not because of your terms. Selena, pay him."
Selena's hand shook, but the pesos were transferred to the dirty palm. The man laughed with glee, the crowd dispersed, and Catalina was left with a dirty, starving horse.
"We'll get you fed and cleaned up," she promised the horse, patting its neck. A cloud of dirt rose in the air, and Catalina struggled not to cough. "I shall call you La Reina, because once in my establo, I shall treat you like a queen. Your body may be beaten, but your spirit is not broke."
"Catalina?" Her maid's voice tentative as it interrupted her quiet chattering. "Whatever possessed you—"
"Fetch me a mozo," Catalina interrupted her. "Take the remaining pesos and fetch me a groom. La Reina is going to her castle." She wasn't offering more explanations than that. She didn't owe anyone an explanation. She'd done what was right.
As her maid turned to comply, heading toward the livery, a loud pffffht rendered the air. Catalina stared at the mare in surprise, aghast.
Selena froze and swung around to admonish her charge. "Senorita! Your behavior has been questionable enough this day. Mind yourself." She shook her head and her finger both before turning back the task at hand.
Catalina heard her muttering as she sashayed away. She was too surprised and too tired to defend herself, but the breeze picked up, and a waft of foul air assaulted her. Catalina immediately tugged a delicate, lace handkerchief from her sleeve and placed it over her nose as she glared at the horse.
La Reina snorted and pawed the ground. Catalina could swear the horse was laughing at her. She merely shook her head. "Dios mio, and you let me take the blame for that?"
Pffffhht. Pfffht.
La Reina whinnied and bared her teeth as though she was smiling.


W. Lynn Chantale said...

Hola, Ricardo. Welcome to Decadent Decisions. When you see Tara, thank her for me. It's been a pleasure having you here. Please help yourself to the buffet and open bar. Chef and Tyrell and spent quite a bit of time preparing for your visit.

Congratulations on your marriage and good luck with finding a cork for La Reina.

Anonymous said...

Fun interview! :)

Tara said...

Gracias, senoritas. Would you like to see--?

Hey, Tara here. I'm putting Ricardo in check. (Rolls eyes) Thanks for the comments and for hosting me. :)

W. Lynn Chantale said...

LOL! Ricardo is fine, Tara. I have no intention of going anywhere near his sword.

Congrats honey. Enjoy the buffet and bar.

D. F. Krieger said...

OMG, I loved this post. I laughed so hard reading it! I must, must, must read the book.