Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mind Games with D.X. Luc

Loving him opened her heart. Submitting to his will can only make her stronger.

After learning the truth of Toto and their love getting them through the first trial of Oz, Dorothy is now faced with a greater test. Her mate is changing and he wants more from her than she thinks she can give. She fears the unknown while equally craving the hedonistic life he wishes to show her.

Toto fought too long to control his urges to dominate, but now he has his Dorothy and he wants nothing more that to see her kneel at his feet. The problem is getting her to trust him enough to try. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise as she fights against what he knows she wants and he works to keep them safe.

New enemies come to destroy their chances while friends guide them along the way. Toto and Dorothy's journey is far from over as they continue their search for the emblems that will free the world of Oz. In acceptance they can take their relationship to a higher level of erotic delight.

But will they rise to the challenge? 

Dorothy looked to Freeska but got no reaction to his command. She had come to respect the woman and didn't want to upset her.
“Dorothy! Here. Now.”
She sucked in air hoping that it would give her courage before obeying his order.  Oestar had pushed out his chair enough for Dorothy to lay her torso and stomach over his legs. Her hand rested on the floor while her knees bent slightly, the angle raising her buttocks. The weight of her full breasts dangling and the anticipation of what he had planned made the nipples tighten. 
Placing his hand flat on her back, he trailed it from the top of her spine down  between her legs where he cupped her pussy. Instinctively, she arched for more and was greeted with a stinging slap that had her yelp in surprise. 
“You are to lay still, little flame. And no coming without my say so. Understood?” His words flowed over her like satin. 
Slowly she nodded and relaxed her hips. She had to bite her lip when his fingers began sliding along her wet folds, each swipe increasing the pressure upon her clit. Dorothy's nails dug into her kneeling pillow and just when she thought he couldn't torture her any further, she realized she truly underestimated Oestar's sadistic nature. The moan she fought to control rolled out as he trailed his heavy braid over the seam of her bottom. 
“Feels good, little flame?” He rasped.
Beneath her belly she felt his cock harden and inwardly grinned knowing she had the effect on him.  
Her brief victory was shattered into arousal when he popped her cheek, harder than the one before and then had the nerve to brush the sensitized skin with his silky hair. His hand continued to rub her, tease her unmercifully until Dorothy's mind could no longer decipher the pain from pleasure. 
Panting Dorothy forgot about the 'no move' rule and practically leaped off his lap when Oestar speared her with his two middle fingers. Immediately he dropped his hair onto her back and struck her thrice. Once on her ass and the other two upon her inner thighs. The sting on that fleshy part of her body should have had her cussing up a storm instead she wanted more and grew increasingly moist around his thick fingers. 
As he pressed deeper and twisted inside her like a corkscrew Dorothy knew it would be only a matter of time before the torturous pressure pushed her over the edge. If only the man would tell her to cum already! What surprised her however, was that she jonesed for more spankings as well. 
Oestar continued to rotate in her quivering pussy while his thumb circled the swollen button. His other hand teased her hot flesh with every glide of his braid and then intermittently slapped her hard enough to burn. Only her outcries were of pure rapture. 
Dorothy was so close it hurt and yet she thrilled in the way he controlled her, the same way she felt when T had made her submit to him. Call it denial, but she wasn't ready to accept that she was a natural slave. Oestar's voice broke through her twisted thoughts.
“You're so wet. I could fuck you right now, little flame.” As he whispered it, he withdrew his fingers and she could hear just how moist she was.
Her body was coiled tight and Dorothy whimpered in hopes he would touch her with more than his hair. Unfortunately Oestar merely patted her tush signaling that he was done and she was shit out of luck in the orgasm department. He stood, licking his fingers before he wrapped his arm around Freeska's shoulders. 
“No touching now, Dorothy. Leave your pleasure for Toto.”

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