Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Sale!!!!

Well this blog posting is a little overdue, but I’ve had a few days to think about what I was going to say and give my fingers a chance to stop trembling.
I sold my first book! Yippee! Fantastic! Confetti and Champagne flow freely!!! When I stop and think about receiving that email and reading Acceptance, I can’t believe it!
This is what every writer dreams. I’ve been writing a very long time and to get a response so quickly was strange. I’m used to sending out a submission and getting a response in oh two to four months. I sent a submission to this particular publisher at the end of March. I'm already compiling a list of publishers for the next go round. I'm being realistic here, writing is a tough business and you have to keep moving forward. I checked my email maybe Sunday and they asked for the full manuscript. My jaw fell on the floor. I’ve never gotten past the first three chapters, before.
Let me tell you, I read through the manuscript, quick, fast and in a hurry. Sent it out on Wednesday. I worried about whether it was good enough. Did I catch all the misspelled words? Should I have let my CP read the final cut? OMG did I send the right file in the correct format? Did I send it to the right email address? Did I attach the file?  Yes, I went a little neurotic.
 And then Saturday rolls around. Still working on a revision request for another publisher, as well as another WIP. I check my messages. OMG! There was an acceptance email. My vision blurred, my hands were trembling, heart was racing. I hadn’t been that excited since my husband proposed to me. I called my Dad, my sister, my mom and my brother. Oh and the kids. Since I wasn’t at home Saturday it was rather difficult to scream and run around...didn’t want to scare the other people in their hotel rooms. What a rush! I still can’t believe this has happened. Somebody pinch me!
But keep an eye out for ‘Seducing His Wife’ from Whispers Publishing.
I’m so excited!!

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