Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Interview with Dina aka Edna Carruthers from Mid-Winter Magic

What makes you happy now?
Not killing anyone. Really, it’s such a relief to leave the assassination business behind.
But so many things make me happy now. You know, I’d been angry for so long that I’d forgotten the simple pleasures in life. I mean, I like baking, at least my alter-ego, Edna Carruthers likes baking—who would have believed it. I never baked in my entire life before I came to Five Oaks. And my pies are good!
What is your greatest fear?
That’s an easy one—that Ty will turn up, and I’ll see for real just how much he hates me.
What would you change about yourself if you could?
I’d be taller and I’d have long blond hair and no freckles. 
What’s your favorite color?
Purple. I also like black but I reckon that’s because Ty always dressed in black.
What type of vehicle do you drive?
I don’t drive. I never learnt. If I have to get somewhere real quick, I’ll just hop on my broomstick. Only kidding. Though I could if I wanted to, but it would probably be a little conspicuous around Five Oaks, so I tend to walk. Five Oaks isn’t that big.
Describe yourself to me.
I’m small. I mean really small— short and I’m skinny. Actually, it always helped in the assassin business, because no one ever saw me as a threat until way too late. I still hate it though. I also have red hair—really red.

And I’m not a bad person. I’ve come to see that now, despite the whole assassin thing. I doubt I ever killed anyone who didn’t deserve to die, and I haven’t killed anyone for at least fifty years.
How would the hero describe you?
Ty? Well, obviously he’d say I was a complete bitch. I mean, I did kill his sire after all.
Anyway, back then, it was true. I was a bitch as well as being the most notorious assassin around. But I was screwed up, totally, and I only had one goal in mind. I’ve changed since then—straightened out. 
What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?
Christmas. I love it. 
When I was growing up, we never celebrated Christmas, and I still don’t celebrate myself—I’m a witch after all. We’re more into celebrating the winter solstice than the birth of Christ (and I still do that, but I take myself away from town to do it—the locals really wouldn’t understand the whole dancing around naked thing—only kidding again—it’s way too cold to dance naked in Five Oaks)
 But I love watching the people of Five Oaks having Christmas all around me, the decorations, the food, just enjoying themselves.
If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
You know, someone once offered me this very thing, and I thought about it, but in the end, the price was way too high. But here’s what I came up with if I had considered signing my soul over to the devil for the next thousand years:
  1. I wish I hadn’t listened to my Mom and not gone away that day. I wish I’d stayed around and saved them from Severino. 
  2. Of course, then I would have never murdered Ty’s sire or met Ty. So my second wish is that I could have met him at a party or something, like normal people. Though really I’m a witch and he’s a vampire—what’s normal about that?
  3. And last—I’d wish he’d love me as much as I love him.
What three things would you take to a Desert Island?
And a big bunch of mistletoe
No, I don’t need three things two is enough.

Mid-Winter Magic by Nina Croft:

Dina, a witch and former assassin loves living an ‘ordinary’ life--not killing anyone. Now the past has finally caught up with her. Fifty years ago, she was scared to let herself love vampire, Tynan Steele, now she’s willing to take the risk. But Ty isn’t interested in love--he’s after revenge.

Nina Croft:
Journey Beyond The Darkness


wlynnchantale said...

Welcome Dina. Help yourself to the buffet and open bar.

I truly enjoyed interviewing you today. And what's wrong with freckles? I have a few of them myself and think they add a unique character to my face.

Your story sounds fab and I can't wait to read what happens between you and Ty.

Hi Nina, thank you for bring Dina out.

Clarissa Yip said...

Oh how I miss Dina. lol. She hasn't changed much!